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View of a forest of green and orange trees on a misty morning


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

LEXI is committed to supporting positive change through conscientious business practices. As a responsible company, we are dedicated to improving the natural and built environment to ensure a more sustainable future. Our ongoing commitment to a positive and proactive corporate social responsibility strategy is a core LEXI value.

Trees For Life

Ath-fhiadhachadh na Gàidhealtachd.

LEXI have partnered with Trees for Life to support their mission in creating large-scale environmental change in the Scottish Highlands. Focused on restoring the once-extensive Caledonian forest, the charity’s vision includes the rejuvenation of entire ecosystems.

Trees for Life is also working to protect existing species and promote reintroductions of new keystone species, notably creating new populations of red squirrels and championing the expansion of beaver to their original habitats.

LEXI are pleased to support this ambitious charity in their mission to foster biodiversity, encourage restoration of the Caledonian Forest and contributing to the prevention of extreme climate change.

T233 Campaign

LEXI recognises the existential importance of combating the climate crisis, and the specific responsibility of the Real Estate sector to mitigate its impact. In order to fight climate change, LEXI has launched the T233 campaign, committing to planting trees for every transaction we close.

Through our partnership with Trees For Life, an organisation ecological change, LEXI has committed to donate 233 trees per transaction to aid in the rewilding of the Scottish Highlands.




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