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Services & Expertise

Services and Expertise

At LEXI, our market know-how and lender knowledge set us apart. We are intimately tapped into both conventional and non-conventional funding sources and can react quickly to any changes in the lending landscape.

LEXI’s clients will always benefit from advice underpinned by our extensive real estate network, live market data and our subjective experiences of previous lender performance.

Our core services involve structuring the following:

Senior Debt

The greatest range of real estate lenders sit in the senior debt space, funding development and investment opportunities across all real estate assets.

LEXI’s market insight and intimate relationships enable us to structure each proposal with the most appropriate lender to match any business plan.

We work with over 200 financiers in the senior debt space, including high-street banks, challenger banks, boutique lenders, private equity houses, pension funds, forward funders, council allocations and insurance companies.

Short Term Finance

LEXI work with short term finance providers in instances where a client requires speed, flexibility or time. Short term debt (or “bridging”) is often the solution which enables our partners to take an asset through planning or a scheme of improvement before it can be sold or refinanced onto long-term investment debt or development finance.

LEXI has access to the key lenders in this space, as well as a range of alternative funders, including high net worth individuals, private funds and boutique lenders.

Mezzanine Finance

LEXI utilise mezzanine finance (or “junior” debt) as a useful tool in a range of scenarios. Mezzanine funding requires a particularly bespoke approach as it ranks second in priority (“subordinated”) to the senior lender. Junior lenders will price their increased risk accordingly; however, mezzanine finance can be an invaluable resource when deploying sponsor equity across a range of projects. When structured correctly, a tailored facility of junior and senior debt can also prove more cost efficient than some stretched senior (“whole loan”) alternatives.

The mezzanine market is predominantly funded by high-net-worth individuals operating through funds to deliver a return on their equity. They understand the risk adjusted return of second charge lending and can reach higher leverage than senior debt on the same assets.


Equity participation (or “joint venture” finance) is tailored to any given project and can be structured according to the perceived risk, profit and duration of the business plan. An equity investor’s return is commensurate to their security and priority of repayment. Typically, an investor is paid after all other lenders are repaid and in return will take a share of the profits. This means an investor is interested in the individuals running the project as much as the underlying asset.

LEXI work with a range of equity partners, from specialist situation funds to sophisticated investors, looking to deploy equity in the real estate space.

For experienced sponsors looking to scale their business, a relationship equity partner can facilitate growth like no other means.